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February 2010
  • Reduced $10 shipping/handling WorldWide during February!
January 2010
  • Swissbit CF is offered with FREE IDE-to-CF adapter for an affordable SSD drive with verified performance of 20 Mb/sec write and 37 Mb/sec under GNU/Linux/Ubuntu
  • Our online store is up again! Happy New 2010 year!
December 2009
  • We are remodeling LML's web site - for now we moved and put back online all content, except for our Web Store, to a new CentOS 5.3 server. For now we have updated LML's site software, cleaning up content and most important of all - The Web Store is u
November 2009
February 2009
  • H264 PCI video/audio codec card LML26415 is announced and is available for immdiate ordering from LML's web site
May 2008
  • For the month of May $199 sale on LMLBT44 multi-channel video capture card. Regular price - $300.
November 2007
  • H264 Audio/Video I/O card for GNU/Linux LML26413 samples are available for order at $1000
August 2007
  • Shipping/handling costs to UK reduced to USD $47 - for any number of boards
  • We have completed Mobilygen MG1264 single channel MPEG4/H264 LML26413 PCI card and it goes to volume manufacturing. We are now taking sample orders with delivery in 2 weeks.
July 2007
  • Linux Media Labs announces availability of a new multi-channel uncompressed board MDVA44. It is PCI-X (3.3V/5V) compatible, with 66MHz bus support. V4L and LMLBT44 compatible.
June 2007
  • Screenshots for LiveCD-ZM: initial boot message, boot process, running ZoneMinder console - in less then a minute from an unconfigured box
  • Download (168Mb): New version of LiveCD-ZM ISO image for instant setup of LMLBT44 based ZoneMinder surveillance system
April 2007
  • LML would present new MG1264 H264 capture products (PCI card and SBC) at IFSEC show in the UK, May 21 to 24th
  • Spring super sale on LMLBT44 and LMLBT4M products - only $199 for 4ch card and $99 for 1 ch card
December 2006
  • We decided that we have lost our war with phpBB2 Spam and moved public support message board to Google at Please post your questions and suggestions there
November 2006
October 2006
  • Super sale on LML multichannel cards: LMLBT44 at $299 (reg $385), LMLBT4M at $139 (reg $185) and MDVA3000 at $599 (reg $749)
  • We visited Essen Security show presenting our evaluation 1 ch MG1264 based H264 video capture PCI card. Based on the responce we're commited to deliver 4ch MG1264 based card in November
September 2006
  • Please cast your choice in a POLL for most used for video work Linux Disto. You need to register for LML forums in order to vote.
  • Schematics design for Linux ARM MPEG4/H264 hardware codec (Mobilygen MG1264) equiped portable general purpose computer platform with built in progressive video camera option started. We want this exciting idea a reality by November. Codename CamTux.
August 2006
  • LMLMEZ4M2DK - reference design PCI card for Mobilygen MG1264 card sent to fabrication. Expecting first encounter through PCI with MG1264 in 2 weeks.
  • LMLM4401 - 4 channel MPEG4 p2 hardware compression/decompression board PCB fabrication started. Expecting shipments by the end of September 2006
  • Back to school $349 sale on LMLBT44 and $139 sale for LMLBT4M till the end of August 2006
  • Linux Media Labs announces LML Zoneminder Live bootable Linux CD - boot from this ISO image and instantly enjoy Zoneminder/LMLBT44 based video sureveillance system
July 2006
  • Linux based MPEG4 part 2 4-channel video capture PCI board LMLM4401 based on IME6500 MPEG4/MP3 codec chip is announced
June 2006
  • We started testing Chaser MG1264 ethernet camera. It looks very promising and we plan to start selling it in September. Contact us if you want to place a pre-order for this product.
May 2006
April 2006
  • MPEG4 H264/AVC PCI card development started. Quality of video streams we got from the reference design platform is nothing short of amazing. Solid D1 (full resolution)/30 fps with as low as 500 Kbits/sec bitrate.
  • 10-15% SALE on our multi-channel uncompressed video caputure cards - LMLBT44, LMLBT4M (10% off) and MDVA3000 (15% off) till May 15th 2006
March 2006
  • We have found an amazing new chip for MPEG4 part 10 (a.k.a. H264) and doing preliminary project assessment for PCI card development.
January 2006
November 2005
  • LMLM412 - an MPEG4 card with hardware video capture and playback is going to manufacturing, will have it for sale in Q1. Some LMLM411 stock is coming also.
October 2005
  • We got new Zoran based card LML33R10P available for ordering
September 2005
August 2005
  • We tested new IME6500 MPEG4 chip RDK and it performs extremely well for capture and playback of full rate MPEG4 with 1:130 compression
July 2005
  • LML resumed sales, we have stock on LMLBT44/4M and MDVA3000 cards
February 2005
  • Project started to develop new MPEG4 capture - and now playback also - card based on a next generation video codec chip from Intime - IME6500. The chip is not ready yet, but we hope it would be ready by summer and we started work on our side.
May 2004
April 2004
  • Come see us at NAB Show 04/17-04/22/2204 in Las Vegas : booth SL2549
February 2004
  • We tested VideoLan client with LMLM4 DIVX/MP2 AVI formatted files. They playback perfectly on both MSWindows 98 and XP, as well as under Linux.
  • An update for LMLM4 stream encapsulation utilty aviencap. New command line options, bugs fixed, stream analysis tool added. Download from
  • We have a working prototype for a new product - A/V sync. generator. It's a small box that generates special test signal that allows to measure A/V sync and interlace video handling quality objectively.
January 2004
December 2003
  • We have LMLM4 stream repackaging and validation utility (avsp) togetherwith MPlayer v1.0pre2 patch to playback this format, that ensures perfectA/V synchronization and data loss tolerance.
November 2003
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for visiting our website! Thank you for being our customers! Thank you for your support!
  • We have a patch for MPlayer v1.0pre2 that allows direct playback of LMLM4 stream from /dev/mvideo/stream.
  • Please visit our new section Links to review some contributors' software and its crossreference with LML products.
October 2003
  • Welcome to Linux Media Labs redesigned and improved web site!
  • We successfully evaluated a new video decoder TW9905 and an audio decoder TI1804 for use in future LML products
September 2003
  • LML offers LMLM4 CPLD upgrade to all LMLM4 customers. Please e-mail your requests to
  • LMLM4 configuration CPLD redesigned successfully, resolving long standing issue with LMLM4 initialization
  • See our ad in the "Market Place" section of September's issue of "Linux Journal"
  • We are shipping updated LMLM4 - single channel, rev. 1 ( LMLM411)
August 2003
July 2003
  • Preliminary planning for hardware MPEG4 decoder card
  • Started SDVDR software update for LMLBT44 capture
June 2003
  • Finished development of video streaming server for LMLM4 based on mpeg4ip server
  • Built video conferencing appliances based on LMLM4 boards
May 2003
  • moved to new co-location service
  • Manufacture prototype version of R11 of LML33
March 2003
  • LMLM410 is now available for purchasing : $595.00
February 2003
  • Serial digital prototype layout is completed
  • Moscow operations moved into new facility
January 2003
  • This card (codename LML292) will support both standard (720x480) and high definition (1920x1080) motion video I/O
  • Serial Digital Interface (ITU 601/656, SMPTE 259/292) PCI card design initiated
  • Happy New Year!
December 2002
  • LML33R11 PCB ready for prototype manufacturing
  • All board level products manuals are available on-line now
  • IRC support channel established - #support at
  • All drivers and software updated for RH80 and kernel 2.4.20
  • Relay and sensor support added to LMLBT4x driver
  • Demonstrated LMLM401 prototype at Government Video Show at Wash. DC
  • MPEG4 card gerbers sent to production, card named LMLM401
November 2002
  • Decision to make MPEG4 card with BNC composite and S-Video input
  • Live video streaming using MPEG4 card
  • Video streaming using MPEG4 card
  • DivX compliant Audio/Video streams using on-board audio capture
  • MPEG4 capture works! World's first Linux MPEG4 hardware!
October 2002
  • Work on LML33R11 started, which would be Techwell TW99 frontend based
  • LML33R8 manufactured, but due to manufacturing mistake the one build did not work. Decision was made not to continue with R8
  • MPEG-4 card driver development - microcode runs now
  • Relative performance of most Zoran 36060 based cards measured
  • High quality inexpensive video cameras added to LML product line
  • Arguvision-4 announced
  • Driver development for multichannel boards LMLBT4M and LMLBT44
September 2002
August 2002
  • ARGUVISION-16, small business/home high peformance surveillance system announced. It has 16 channels, CIF resolution at 10 frames/sec, uses MPEG4 like compression, and is more affordable( $4100)
  • ARGUVISION-C system was presented at ISC East
  • Linux Media Labs had a booth at ISC show East, Orlando, Florida
  • New MPEG-4 board in design
  • LML33R8 send to PCB manufacturing
  • LinVS LML33 driver release 1.1.21 available. Fixes nasty playback "freeze" bug. Has improved debugging hardware support.
July 2002
  • LML33R8 layout completed
  • LML33R10 reduced price board, optimal for non-linear editing announced and is available for order
June 2002
  • LML33R7 cancelled, LML33R8 layout commenced
  • ARGUVISION (former SDVDR) video surveillance system announced
May 2002
  • Completed implementation for distributed surveillance SDVDR system, running on a Linux cluster
  • Build "easy-to-install" Cinelerra RPMs (NLE video editing software) and included into LMLCD
April 2002
  • Taxes for 2001 are done. LML increased revenues and it's profitable
  • LML1394 package allows for DV-capture and transcoding
  • Complete set of tools for digital content up to Super video CD content authoring announced (included on LMLCD)
  • LINVCD system for video disk authoring announced and available for purchase
  • ViCos video conferencing appliance released. It's availabe for purchase through LML website.
  • Linux Media Labs attended National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas for 3rd year in a row
March 2002
  • SDVCR prototype was demonstrated at ISC show (Las Vegas, NV)
February 2002
  • SDVCR prototype is ready. Streaming client for LinVS MJPEG stream that is JMF (Java) based and works under both Linux and MSWindows(!)
January 2002
  • MPEG4 card control GUI application
  • Scaled down teleconferencing appliance - with audio only support, named AuCoS is ready for a demo.
December 2001
  • LML1394 card added to the product line of LML. It allows for DV capture and simple editing, preconfigured and packaged with KINO.
  • SDVCR design completed. First cut of implementation and integration tested. UML process seems to work very well so far.
November 2001
  • High performance (10 Mbit) internet connection for our Moscow office is installed.
  • Proper UML based analysis process for security monitoring appliance (SDVCR) started.
October 2001
  • LML33R2LV - new, low-voltage PCI controller version of LML33 was redesigned and manufactured. There is no difference from the programming standpoint.
September 2001
  • Internal reorganization of Linux Media Labs : are are moving our Moscow lab into a new bigger office.
  • Together with the civilized world we were shocked by the tragic events of September 2001...
August 2001
  • Taxes for year 2000 paid. Linux Media Labs is profitable
  • We're close to releasing Linux Audio Video Synchronized Streaming Infrastructure (GNU LAVSSI) under GNU GPL terms. It provides separate Corba based components (objects) for all functional blocks needed to handle audio/video streams under Linux.
July 2001
  • New LML33 release 6 board is under development. Better Analog video to digital converter front end. More flexibiltiy in frame resolution.
  • Video teleconferencing station is integrated based on unix pipes intermediate architecture. As a plus, it's also using conventional telephone handset through QickNet telephoney card.
June 2001
  • Started VHDL and driver coding for LML656
May 2001
  • Intermediate cut of Audio/Video infrastructure completed. All major functions in video stream capture, compression, encapsulation, transport and session control are separate processes, using unix pipe mechanism for IPC.
  • Slick Dual-CPU case named LMnonlith is completed.
April 2001
  • Prototype for uncompressed analog and serial digital (SDI) I/O board LML656 wired.
March 2001
  • We demonstrate videoconferencing with 15 frames/sec, 400Kbit/sec bandiwdth at CIF (320x240) resolution.
  • New board LML1011 : MPEG-1 capture PCI board is available for purchase
February 2001
  • Linux Media Labs at Linux Expo in New York, booth #474
November 2000
  • Work on slick Dual CPU case started.
September 2000
  • We got 8 people started to work on a videoconferencing project.
July 2000
  • More Dual CPU systems work.
  • Financed for expanding our development effort several times
June 2000
  • Philips commits to supporting TriMedia under Linux
  • Driver 1.1.16 released
  • Shipped Dual 866Mhz 133MHz systems, frame rate up to 20 fps with h261 code
  • Trip to Moscow recruiting more developers for LML
May 2000
  • PAL support improvements
  • More key full time people with LML now
  • Design of next generation of LinVs started (UML model)
  • Finally, got rid of all .dta files in the driver
  • TriMedia card layout work started, problems with Philips support
April 2000
  • Video4Linux compatibility driver
  • Got TriMedia reference design
  • Linux Media Labs at NAB show at Las Vegas
  • Colorado Linux Info Quest (Denver)
March 2000
  • Feasability study for next generation product - Philips TriMedia based card
  • Major device number assigned to LinVS
  • First teleconferencing prototype shipped
  • Visit to Hollywood, VA Research
February 2000
  • Started teleconferencing work - openh323 based appliance
  • Met with investor/partner - VideoNext
  • Visited Linux Expo at New York
January 2000
  • Time to start doing taxes. Are we profitalbe yet?
  • Design for changes to the audio driver for ESS1371 that would allow perfect sync. The idea is to stuff audio stream with markers (like in JPEG) to contain timing information.
  • Looks like we would be able to add 2 more software developers to the project.
  • Another version of the LML33 board with SECAM support (different video decoder).
  • Adding Bt878 based boards to our product line - for Linux4Video applications
  • Stensils ordered for the next run - better quality and cost should result
  • Driver 1.0.9 released. Support for S-Video input/output and compiles with kernels up to 2.2.12 and above.
December 1999
  • Script to deinterlace two field sequence into a frame done.
  • EMI testing finally finished and emissions are within limits. Huge relief!
  • Layouts for new board with audio option start to shape. Maybe even 4 layer board would be feasible.
  • The truth is - we were not able to get rid of the backlog in 1999... no matter how much we increased the production :-)
November 1999
  • MainActor alpha Sequencer looks quite impressive, there are things to fix of course. But in 2-3 months full blown Linux video editing set should emerge
  • November 15-19: See us at Comdex Linux Business Expo - we also got free admission tickets,please contact if you need them
October 1999
  • Started redesign of LML33 in order to switch to Harris video codecs
  • Very good feedback (features added to the driver code) from people at CMU
  • We're almost through our backlog, should clear it be the end of the month
  • Purchased several hundreds of BT819ATKF chips, they can be used on existing boards, but some minor revision of the board would be better
September 1999
  • Schematics for audio support daughter-board done
  • Starting to get quantity orders, satisfied customers are coming back and ordering more.
  • We decided to manufacture two hundreds more of the original design boards
August 1999
  • Sales are still good and we have a decision to make: speed up LML33Audio version or manufacture more of the original design boards
  • We have to decide whether to use the 1394 board manufactured in Taiwan (for a better cost) or manufacture ours based on TI reference design - for better quality (we do not use non-SMD components to cut cost) and openness.
  • Canon 'Vistura' DV camera received and we started integration with 1394 board
  • Script to convert LML33 MJPEG into AVI encapsultion (so that clips captured with LML33 can be played back under MS-Windows for example) completed, tested and placed on our web site
  • Reference design kit from TI for TSB12LV22/TSB41LV03 based board receive
  • Sample 1394 boards received
  • Tested IEEE1394 drivers for Linux, they are capable of seeing nodes and performing low level transactions
July 1999
  • We tested a lot of audio cards and found one that works well and are now offering 1371 based audio PCI card together with LML33 for a complete audio/video capture/playback system
  • Design has started for LML33 version with audio support and 829 decoder
  • Design was done for Altera MAX7000 series in system programming cable and prototype board
  • Evaluation of FPGA vendors was done and we decided to use Cypress and Altera for future designs. Unfortunatly one has to use a lot of MS-Windows tools to do EDA, which is very painfull.
  • We are working on our PCB design process. As a result a little suite of perl scripts for manipulating Gerber files emerged and was named 'gnucam'. We will put it on our site for download when it's ready
June 1998
  • The company named Linux Media Labs LLC was registered in the state of Colorado File #19981109058