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Cinelerra Heroine Virtual Ltd. presents an advanced content creation system for Linux. Heroine Virtual Ltd. has taken a boring web server operating system and turned it into a 50,000 watt flamethrower of multimedia editing power.
If you want to make movies, you just want to defy the establishment, you want the same kind of compositing and editing suite that the big boys use, on the world's most efficient UNIX operating system, it's time for Cinelerra.
Cinelerra is not for consumer use. If ease of use, simplicity, and convenience, or stylishness are your thing, you should use Virtualdub, Kino, MJPEG tools or MainActor instead.
Video processing takes too long to do on a single computer. In fact no matter how fast the computer, no matter how much tediously hand optimized assembly language is behind it, it's Gaul awful slow. So now there's renderfarm support in Cinelerra.
Cinelerra does 6 channel audio. The tracks are unlimited. The editing is non destructive. The effects are realtime. Play mp3's, rip CD's, encode OGG / Vorbis. This kind of audio integration with video is really hard to get.
camsource In short, camsource grabs images from a video4linux device and makes them available to various plugins for processing or handling. It features a modularized and multithreaded design to offer a large amount of flexibility. A server plugin runs in its own thread, which makes it possible to use the same grabbed frame for several purposes at the same time. There are also filter plugins, which can be daisychained to create useful and no-so-useful effects in images. The configuration happens through an xml config file, hopefully making configuring camsource an easy task. email at
camstream CamStream is a tool for Webcams and TV grabber cards that allows for streaming video from multiple video sources. It can save and/or upload (FTP) timed snapshots. It provides a GUI frontend to control the Webcam(s). Currently, CamStream has the following features:
  • Graphical user interface, it doesn't take command line arguments!
  • View multiple image streams from webcams or TV cards.
  • Change image size, brightness, contrast, etc. on the fly.
  • Save images in a variety of formats.
  • Include a timestamp in the image and/or the saved filename.
  • Uploading images to a server with FTP.
  • Take regular snapshots, or any moment you decide.
  • All configuration settings are stored per device, not globally.
email to
effectv EffecTV is a real-time video effector. You can watch TV or video through amazing effectors. See List of developers
fame fame is a multimedia encoder, which captures video from a video4linux device, and optionnaly sound, for MPEG encoding. It is based on libfame and lame and thus supports the same output formats as these two libraries. fame is optimized for Pentium MMX technology. It can capture video from various sources and create an MPEG 1 video elementary stream, which is then recorded in a file or sent over a network. This is a beta release. See