MPEG-4 audio/video hardware encoder PCI board Free LMLCD.


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  • Resolution:
    NTSC720x48030 fps
    PAL720x57625 fps
  • Other resolutions : CIF, lower frame rates
  • Pixel formats: CCIR601, SQUARE
  • Hardware MPEG-4 compression
  • Video compression rate 1:120
  • Video signal : 1.0 Vpp composite, 75 Ohm
  • Composite and S-Video analog input (BNC connectors)
  • Analog audio stereo signal 1.0 Vpp
  • 48 KHz 16bit samples/sec
  • Audio Compression : 96-320 Kbit, MPEG 1 Layer II
  • Line in, stereo 3.5mm jack
Software available
  • LMLM4 LinVS drivers for Linux kernels 2.4.x
  • LMLM4 card contol and capture GUI tool lmlm4capture
  • LML MPEG4 stream to AVI encapsulation tool aviencap
  • MPEG4 Video Streaming with Cisco MPEG4IP server
  • MPlayer - for LMLM4 file and RTP/RTSP streaming video playback
  • DivX player for LMLM4 file playback under MS-Windows
  • Cisco MPEG4IP client for LML MPEG4 streaming video playback under Linux and MS-Windows
  • LMLM4 card driver and control/capture tool for MS-Windows 98
Possible Applications
  • Internet-Video Streaming
  • Direct to MPEG4/DivX real time video conversion
  • Security monitoring and archiving
  • Video conferencing
Warranty information
Board comes with 1 year warranty on parts and labour