4 full rate or 8 multiplexed video inputs surveillance board with sensor and alarm I/O.


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  • Video digitized using YUV 4:2:2 color format :
    NTSC640x48060 fps
    PAL758x57650 fps
  • 4 full rate channels
  • 3 insulated 1A 115AC/30VDC alarm relay outputs
  • 4 optically insulated sensor inputs
  • 4 composite video inputs (BNC connectors)
  • DB15 connector for sensor and alarm IO
  • PCI board based on Bt878 chip
Possible Applications
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Video conferencing
Software available
  • ZoneMinder is a set of applications which is intended to provide a complete solution allowing you to capture, analyse, record and monitor any cameras you have attached to a Linux based machine.
  • Motion detection software Motion. Patched, tuned, and tested revision of Motion, which works with up to 8 channels, comes FREE with LMLCD.
  • xawtv
Warranty information
Board comes with 1 year warranty on parts and labour